A bit about me:

Mary graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2019 with an advanced diploma in Massage Therapy. She received the Lackner McLennan Insurance award, given to the student who demonstrates excellence in professional growth and development.

Prior to becoming an RMT Mary worked as an Earth Resources Technician, helping to located groundwater for communities, map wetlands and test water quality. Mary still has the same drive to help the community that she developed during her time as an Earth Resources Technician, but now is driven on a more personal level. She is interested in helping others along their healing journeys using a variety of techniques and feels strongly about incorporating homecare into their daily lives.

In her spare time, Mary can still be found exploring the trails and lakes of the Kawarthas. She also loves to spend quality time with a good book or studying Karate.

Why I enjoy working at KCWC:

It is great to be a part of a cohesive team that works together and supports each other, both professionally and personally. This team-oriented atmosphere helps to deliver a well-rounded health-care perspective.

My areas of expertise are:

Knowing that every client is unique and so each treatment plan must reflect their individual needs. To achieve this, communication is a key factor during all stages of treatment.

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