5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Spine

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You’ve heard it from everyone around you, a dull ache, pain down the leg, even throbbing so bad that you’ve had to miss a couple of events. If you’ve had back pain before, you know how debilitating it can be and the statistics show that you are not alone: In six-month period, five in 10 Canadians suffered [...]

Is “Text-Neck” a real thing? Is texting really causing my neck to ache?

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The simple answer is YES. We spend on average 10 minutes every hour checking our social media, reading articles, and answering emails. Not only does this effect the positioning of the neck, but our head is tilted forward, our shoulders are rounded, and our eyes are strained! Overall our posture is poor and this causes [...]

Naturally Improve your Health through Cupping Therapy

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Remember seeing athletes in the Olympic games with large red marks all over their backs and body? Hello Rio, Michael Phelps, 2016! It seems that, in addition to training with the latest state-of -the art techniques and equipment, some athletes are turning to ancient practices to keep their edge.  What is Cupping Therapy? One way [...]

Is my body ready for spring cleaning?

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February is the “longest”; yet shortest month of the year. But with some daily temperatures reaching double digits, and longer hours of daylight, its time to start thinking about spring-cleaning! When we think about spring-cleaning we usually think of cleaning out closets and spare rooms, tidying kitchen cupboards, and of course the dreaded yard work! [...]

Swim Into Summer: Sports Injury Prevention

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Are you ready to leave those rainy days of spring behind and welcome summer and sunshine? As the kids finish up school and begin their summer sports activities, it means a lot more time spent on the field, in the pool or around the track. Summer is the time for physical activity According to the [...]