You may be asking yourself: do I really need massage therapy in my life? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! The list of massage benefits is substantial. If you’ve ever pampered yourself this way you’ll agree that it’s enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial to your overall wellness.

#1 – Headache Relief

We’ve waited all winter to feel the sun on our face, hit the open road, and get back to our favourite sport. What’s the only thing left standing in our way? The dreaded headache…

In a study outlined by the American Journal of Public Health, patients who were treated with regular massage therapy sessions that directed attention to the neck and shoulder muscles notice positive results.

Within the first week of this schedule, a decrease in headache frequency and intensity were recorded. For many, not needing to rely on prescription medications is an important benefit of massage and certainly a more economical way to treat or prevent chronic issues.

#2 – Stress and Anxiety Management

Summer is a busy season. We find ourselves busier than ever as we try to plan all of the BBQ’s, sports games, vacations and yard work. Feeling anxious and stressed is a common symptom when we overload our schedules and our minds!

According to the Government of Canada, in 2013 there were an estimated 3 million Canadians suffering from mood and anxiety disorders. That’s over 10% of the population that could benefit from this therapeutic treatment.

#3 – Postural Pain Relief

 Maybe your extended paddle in the canoe last weekend has left you feeling slouchy, or the long road trips are leaving you feeling achy. Poor posture often exacerbates pain while engaging in these types of activities.

As Massage Envy points out, these treatments soothe and loosen the muscles in our body that are made sore from poor posture. Over time, your body will resume it’s natural and pain free posture by reinforcing healthy and natural movements.

If you’d like to compliment your massage at home, Women’s Health offers 6 great tips for straightening up. Read them here! Making the list were head, shoulder, pelvis and foot exercises you can try daily.

 #4 – Chronic Muscle Pain Relief

Long-term muscle tension, overuse and injury can all contribute to pain and stiffness in our muscles and joints. If left untreated, the muscles can actually become painful enough that normal movement becomes impossible. This is not good news for those of us with a tee time booked next weekend!

Massage can certainly help in getting you to feel like you again. Higher Health does a great job describing just how deep tissue massage can heal this problem:

Shortened muscle fibres often result from overuse or injury. These shortened fibres begin to restrict blood flow to the affected area. Muscles then become stiff, hardened bands, which are often referred to as adhesions. Deep tissue massage works firmly and gently across these hardened bands of muscles to separate the fibres and promote healthy circulation to the area again.

 Ready to give it a try?

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