Good weather is here and golfers are excited to book in their tee times! For both novice & advanced golfers, the focus is one thing- how to get the best swing (and lowest score!)  Golfers tend to focus on the physical and psychological stresses of the game and undervalue what is required to play the game well – good biomechanics.  Poor biomechanics can lead to two things – a poor score and/or an injury. If the body is not well conditioned, the following injuries can occur:

1) Golfer’s Elbow: Pain can be seen on the inside of the elbow and can radiate down the forearm. This can begin if there sudden force to the elbow or wrist or hyperextension during the downswing.

2) Low back pain: This can result from a poor golf swing that puts too much stress on the lower back.

3) Wrist pain: Can be found with over-gripping golf clubs or using a strong grip on the golf handle.

4) Shoulder pain: Using improper swing mechanics or immense pressure during the backswing can cause tears or injuries to the rotator cuff.

How to Prevent Golfing Injuries (courtesy of Alberta College of Chiropractors):

1) Warm up routine: A good warm up routine incorporating dynamic stretches would help to prevent injuries.

2) Proper posture: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slightly rotated outwards, and bend with your knees.  Make sure to keep your spine straight so you aren’t hunching over the ball.

3) Don’t overswing:  Keep your joints relaxed and take a nice smooth swing. Swinging too hard or too fast will stress your joints.

4) Carry your clubs carefully:  Sudden jerking motions can impact your low back and shoulders. Keep your back straight and use your legs to lift!

5) Slow down: Taking hundreds of golf swings on your first game may not be what your body is ready for. Work up to your desired level.  Either take a few lessons or play 9 holes the first couple of times to build up your stamina.

There are several ways a chiropractor can help you to prevent or treat your golfing injuries. Before you get into the swing of things, talk to us about your golf game!