In the winter months your muscles can become stiff and lose elasticity. This happens due to the body wanting to conserve heat and moving it away from the skin right to the core. Some patients worry as they feel a loss of sensation in their hands and feet, it’s as if their feet never warm up! This is normal. The speed of the nerves and sensation are also slowed down in the colder months and this can affect your limbs, increase the risk of injury, or aggravate your osteoarthritis. Even though you may feel stiffer and move slower, remember- motion and lotion and the more you move the better you will feel!

Here are some tips to help decrease the pain:

  1. Applying Heat

 Applying a heating pad feels great, but it is a temporary solution. Once the effect wears off, the pain resurfaces. Instead of this, dress appropriately for the weather. Layers are a great way to reduce the amount of body heat that can escape. Dress appropriately indoors & outdoors!

  • Stretch before hitting the outdoors

Take the time to get things moving before you head out to shovel the snow or go skating. This will increase blood flow and help your muscles be more limber, reducing change of injury!

  • Take water breaks

 If you are working outdoors, come inside for breaks if possible. This is a great opportunity to warm up and rehydrate!

The cold shouldn’t prevent you from moving and being active. Activity will allow you to enjoy the fall/winter season and also minimize aches and pains. A chiropractor can also help you manage any conditions during the colder months, and also help to prevent injury. If you have any questions, please free to contact our office.

Signing off,

Dr. A @ Kawartha Care