Dear Doc: How do I know if I have Golfer’s Elbow or Tennis Elbow?

Summer is finally here and we can now start engaging in our favorite recreational activities. Unfortunately, some of these activities can result in pain & inflammation due to overuse. Two of the injuries that we are talking about today are Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow. Here is how you can differentiate between the two:

Golfer’s elbow is seen in the forearm where the muscles are attached to the inside of the elbow joint (the “funny” bone). These muscles work when the wrist is flexing, which explains why Golfer’s or people who are constantly flexing their wrists at work can experience this condition.

With golfer’s elbow, people will experience pain in the inner bump of their elbow and reduced strength in their ability to grip.

Tennis elbow is usually due to an overuse injury of the forearm muscles that extend into the wrist and fingers. This condition creeps up and worsens with time. It is not usually due to an injury, rather comes from overuse of the joint.

With tennis elbow symptoms include weakening grip or burning pain to the outer part of the elbow. Since tennis elbow worsens with overuse, we see the symptoms worsen with time. Eventually things like holding a tennis racquet, turning a doorknob, or shaking hands could become difficult.

Luckily, there are some simple exercises that can be done to manage the pain. Your local Chiropactor can prescribe these once s/he assesses the area and diagnosis your condition.


Due to the nature of these conditions, reducing the repetition can also help to manage the pain. Your chiropractor can also help to manage these conditions as they can provide with more stretches, braces, or recommend laser or shockwave treatment that can help treat these conditions.