Did you know that our clinic offers pre and post-natal massage services?

Pregnancy causes physical changes in your body that can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The great news is that you can find relief with massage therapy.

Ease Labour Pains

The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario points out that pre natal massage can relax patient’s and ease overall tension.  Many women find labour to be shorter and less painful when they’ve received massage and chiropractic care.

Less Stress for a Healthy Baby

Findings from a Pregnancy and Labor Massage article note lower levels of cortisol, anxiety, and depression in patients who received regular massage treatments over a 16-week period.  The decreases caused a reduction in fetal movement inside the womb, contributing to a lower incidence of premature birth.

Our approach

All of our massage therapists are equipped to perform pregnancy massage.  They are trained in special techniques and practices, which ensure your overall comfort and safety for the baby.

Our mom and baby treatments make it easier to keep up with your massage schedule following delivery. Your newborn can lie safely on you during the treatment. Afterwards, you can choose to have a short lesson where you’ll get baby massage tips and techniques for your new bundle of joy.

Contact us today to learn more about this specialized offering and book your appointment today!